Dream Rewards FAQ

  1. What is Dream Rewards?

    It’s the Loyalty program that allows you to earn exclusive benefits and offers within COD Manila. With a Dream Rewards Club card, you become valued guest of ours. Whether you enjoy gaming, staying at one of our luxury hotels, or dining at one of our Signature restaurants, your spending will be recognized and rewarded every time you use your card. 

  2. What is Signature Club?

    Signature Club is an exclusive gaming area located at the North end of the main casino gaming floor. Members are entitled to greater privileges and have the access to lavish private salons and unparalleled services. 

  3. What is Dragon Club?

    Dragon Club members are empowered with a carefully and exclusively curated selection of benefits and privileges. It is the highest level within the Dream Rewards program. 

  4. How can I become a member?

    Must be at least 21 years of age, provide a valid government issued photo I.D. and complete the membership application form. Only one membership per person is allowed. 

  5. How much is the membership fee? 

    Membership is FREE! Visit the Dream Rewards Club counter to join!

  6. What are the benefits of becoming a member?

    Earn your way to more rewards with a Gold, Ruby, Jade or Dragon membership. The more Dream Points you earn, the higher your membership level and the greater your rewards. 

  7. What are Dream Points?

    Dream Points are earned through Gaming and Non-Gaming spending. They can be used to redeem rewards within COD Manila, and to help you advance to higher card tiers.
    To ensure Dream Points are credited to your account, always use your membership card while playing slots and table games. Also, show your card at the time of each qualifying purchase at our participating outlets, or charge these purchases to your hotel room and present your card to the Front Desk upon check-out.

  8. What are the membership tier levels?

    Tier 5 – Sapphire
    Tier 4 – Gold
    Tier 3 – Ruby
    Tier 2 – Jade
    Tier 1 – Dragon 

  9. How is the membership tier level determined?

    The total Dream Points earned from “account activities” accrued by members to their accounts shall determine their membership card tier level. 

  10. Does membership expire?

    Membership status is valid for 12 months from the day it was established. To check your membership status, you may visit any Dream Rewards Club counter or Visitor Information Kiosk. 

  11. How many Dream Points does a member need to earn in order to be upgraded? 

    Effective April 16, 2017, Dream Points required for each tier are as follows:
    Gold – 500 Dream points
    Ruby – 5,000 Dream points
    Jade – 30,000 Dream points
    Dragon – 500,000 Dream points

  12. How can a member earn Dream Points?

    Dream Points are earned through gaming activities (table games, electronic table games and slot machines) and cash/credit card purchases at participating hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and retail outlets in COD Manila. 

  13. How can members redeem their Dream Points?

    Dream Points may be redeemed for slot credits, promotional gaming chips, hotel stays, dining, entertainment, and retail shopping. Conversion is 1 Dream Point = 1 Peso. 

  14. What if my Dream Points are insufficient for a purchase? 

    Members may use a combination of Dream Points and cash/credit card for payment (T&Cs Apply). 

  15. Where can I check my Dream points balance? 

    To check your Dream points balance, you may visit any Dream Rewards Club counter or Visitor Information Kiosk.  

  16. Do I need a security number to use my membership card to redeem Dream Points? 

    Yes, all redemption transactions require photo identification and your personal identification number (“PIN”). 

  17. What if I forget my PIN?  

    Approach the Dream Rewards or Signature Club counter for PIN reset.  Present a valid government issued ID and your membership card.

  18. How do I update my account information and communication preferences?  

    Visit any Dream Rewards Club counter, present a valid ID, and fill out a Record Update Form.

  19. Do Dream Points expire?

    Effective January 1, 2017 Dream Points are redeemable for thirteen (13) months from the date they were earned. All points in an account that have not been redeemed will be expired and removed if no gaming activity has occurred on that account for a period of thirteen (13) months.

  20. What will member do if he lost his membership card?

    Approach the counter for card replacement. Present a valid government issued ID for verification purposes. 

  21. Can a member use his card/Dream Points from COD Macau here at COD Manila or vice versa? 

    Yes, Dream Points can be converted, please approach the Dream Rewards Club counter for assistance. 

  22. Can I convert my Dream Points into Free Play Slot credits or Table Games Promotional Chips? 

    Yes, you may convert your points to playing chips via Visitor Information Kiosk (minimum of 500). For Dream Points to slots credits, with any slot machines (Conversion 1:1). Note: Only Dream Points earned from “gaming activities” are eligible for conversion to Free Play Slot credits or Table Games Promotional Chips.

  23. How can I get a free room?

    You may visit the Dream Rewards Club counter or contact your business development host to find out if you are eligible for a complimentary hotel stay.

  24. Where can I go to get more information?

    For more information, please visit our webpage: www.cityofdreamsmanila.com/dreamrewards

  25. Who can I contact for assistance?

    You may call us at +63 2 800 8080 or email us at guestservices@cod-manila.com