What is DreamPlay? 
DreamPlay is an all-new interactive entertainment concept that is the one place in the world where your favorite DreamWorks Animation characters come together and allow you to PLAY, CREATE and LEARN.
Where is DreamPlay located? 
This state-of-the-art play center is located at the Retail Avenue of City of Dreams Manila.
What is the concept behind DreamPlay?
DreamPlay represents an exciting blend of integrated live and digital play spaces, featuring DreamWorks Animation’s popular characters and creative storytelling combined with innovative educational play, appealing to children and adults alike.
Where can I buy tickets?
Tickets are available onsite, and online through SM TIckets and Paypal (via WhyQueue).
Are the ticket rates different for children and adults?
No, they are not different. Children who are less than 80cm in height do come in for free.
Is my ticket purchased from SM transferrable?
Tickets are transferrable. RFID Wristband given at the entrance are non-transferrable.
Can I purchase advance tickets?
Advance tickets can be purchased through SM TIckets and Paypal (via WhyQueue).

Can I bring food or drink into the park?
Outside Food and beverages are not permitted entering the Facility. Baby food and milk are exempted from this policy. No alcohol may be brought into DreamPlay.
Can adults enter DreamPlay without any children?
Yes. An adult with no children is allowed to enter DreamPlay.
Where can I find lost & found?
You can find the lost & found at the Guest Services counter.

Where can I get first aid?
Nurse station is located near the 4D Theatre.
What services are available for disabled persons and others with special needs?
Wheel chairs are available for free and some attractions are accessible by wheel chairs. Strollers are available for hire at the guest services counter which is located near Shrek Swamp.

Are group discounts available?
Group discounts are available, please contact COD Sales: (02) 808 0909..

Will there be educational tours?
School group field trips are welcome.
What is DreamPlay’s operating hours?
DreamPlay operating hours is 10 am – 8 pm on WEEKDAYS (Monday to Friday) and 9 am – 8 pm on WEEKENDS (Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays).
Can my children visit the facility on their own?
Children ten (10) years and older may be left alone inside the Facility. However, a parent or legal guardian (18 years old & above) must be present at the time of drop-off to check on these children and pick them up, as well as to sign the requisite form.
Can parents play with children?
Parents are required to purchase Children Ticket to have access to all attractions.
Is smoking allowed at DreamPlay?
DreamPlay is a smoke free environment.
Are pets allowed?
With the exception of service animals, pets are not permitted inside the Facility.
Is there a dress code?
Dress Code: Suitable for physical activities, rock climbing, rope course etc. inside the facility.
Guests wearing clothing with rude, vulgar or offensive language or graphics shall be denied entry into the Facility, and those already inside may be asked to leave or change. Slippers, bicycles, skateboards, skate-shoes or skates of any kind are likewise not allowed. We highly recommend long sleeve shirts, long pants and socks.

Can casino members use their points to buy tickets and food items?
Gaming points can be used in purchasing DreamPlay admission package.
Is there a specific duration of stay in each attraction?
Each attraction has a specific cycle period. Some are free play.
For timed access, when does the timer actually start?
The time will start upon scanning the RFID wristband at the turnstile
Can I pause my time and consume it within the day? How's the process?
Guests are allowed to go out of DreamPlay, however there should still be adult looking after the children that will be left inside if the children are below 10 years old. Time will be continuously running though.
I won’t be participating in any of the attractions. I will just accompany my child. Do I need to pay an entrance fee as well?
All guests shall pay the entrance fee.
Is the cooking activity part of the admission fee?
Yes, Gingy’s Kitchen is already part of the admission fee.
Will there be any medics on standby, are staff certified first aiders?
Medics are on duty at all times and FEC staff and crew are first aid certified.