City of Dreams Manila’s trendsetting nightclub, Chaos Manila, brings in international DJ duo Boombox Cartel to headline the show-stopping EDM event on July 28. The two are set to liven up Chaos Manila’s dance floor with energy-filled electro, dubstep, and trap beats that have made waves in the Los Angeles dance scene and the rest of the United States.

Boombox Cartel, the LA-based team-up of Americo Garcia and Jorge Medina, is best known for their dynamic 2015 hit track “B2U” with Ian Everson. Armed with their sick beats, they continued their unique and innovative sound through succeeding releases such as “Spaceless”, “Aftershock” with NGTHMRE, and “Jamba” with Jackal, as well as remixes of Skrillex’s “Killa”, Diplo’s “Be Right There”, and Cash Cash’s “How To Love”. Since “B2U”, Americo and Jorge have received near universal support from heavy-hitters in the industry such as DJ Snake and Martin Garrix.

In 2016, Boombox Cartel’s single “Colors” garnered more than 250,000 plays on its first week in music streaming site SoundCloud. The quickly rising duo’s latest EP album called Cartel was released this year with five fresh tracks, including infectious songs “Widdit” and “Jefe”.
Americo and Jorge met in Monterrey, Mexico and went to the same school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They both stem from highly diverse musical backgrounds and the result of their collaboration showed their undeniable musical chemistry that catapulted them to rise to the top of the city’s DJ scene. Eyeing even greater opportunities to share their forward-thinking sound, they moved to Los Angeles where their rise as an international powerhouse duo began to take hold. With a slew of their popular tracks permeating the American EDM experience, Boombox Cartel is currently touring the U.S. and is slated to perform at festivals in Europe and parts of Asia.

Chaos Manila resident DJs MVRXX, Merms Dabu and MC Ronthug will also perform during this spectacular EDM event. Tickets for Boombox Cartel’s EDM event are available at Chaos Manila and are priced at PhP 1,000 each inclusive of one drink. For Chaos VIP table reservations, guests can call 0917-8863678 or email



Chaos Manila nightclub at City of Dreams Manila brings back 90’s top OPM bands every Wednesday night with Side A, True Faith, Freestyle and Southborder.
Side A
Side A

Guests can sing along to classic hits such as “Tell Me”, and “Forevermore” as they watch Side A perform live on July 12 at 9 PM.
True Faith
True Faith
South Border

True Faith’s “Perfect” and “Huwag Nalang Kaya” and Freestyle’s “Before I Let You Go” and “So Slow” will be some of the songs to look forward to as the bands go back-to-back on July 19. Southborder fans will be serenaded with their timeless hits “Kahit Kailan,” “Rainbow,” and many more during the last Wednesday of July.
Joyce Mallari
Joyce Mallari

Joyce Mallari adds her thrilling performances into the mix, complementing Side A and Southborders’ ballads, on July 12 & 26 respectively. She will be performing popular song in a wide range of genres from Blues, Dance Music, RnB/Soul, Rock, Soft Rock, OPM, Pop Rock, to Reggae.
Doors open at 7:00 pm and entrance is free for the Wednesday Live Sessions at Chaos. Drink deals are available all night. For VIP table reservations, guests can call 0917-8863678 or e-mail

Indonesian Flavors


Southeast Asian restaurantRed Ginger at City of Dreams Manila offersauthentic Indonesian “Nasi Bakar,” banana-wrapped char-grilled jasmine rice scented with chili and lemongrass with choice of delectable toppingfor July only.

The unique aroma and smoky flavor of “Nasi Bakar”is served with a selection of Indonesian-style grilled or fried seafood or meat: TumisCumi Cabe Hijau(baby squid and sliced green chili), Tongkol Masak Pedas (spiced tuna, coconut, and turmeric),Pepes Jamur(oyster mushroom, crispy anchovies, and cherry tomatoes), Ayam Kemanggi(sweet basil chicken), and Iga Sapi Jawa Timur(aromatic east Javanese-style beef short ribs).Each serving comes with sambal bajak (spicy sambal sauce), twice-cooked tofu, and a house salad.

 “Nasi Bakar” is prepared by combining rice with herbs and spices, and wrappingitup in banana leavesfor bakingor grilling. There are many varieties of this dish as it can be made using a wide array of herbs and spices The most well-known version of this dish incorporates ingredients such as basil, lemongrass, and salam leaves (Indonesian bay leaves).

For inquiries and reservations, guests can call 800 8080, e-mail or visit




The premium flavor, leaner meat quality and over-all healthy benefits of hormone-free and antibiotic-free certified Australian grass-fed beef is the focus of the curated lunch and dinner a la carte menus currently offered in two of City of Dreams Manila’s signature restaurants – Crystal Dragon and Red Ginger. The promotion is held in conjunction with the True Aussie Beef campaign of the Australian Embassy with participating outlets in the city


Crystal Dragon’s exclusive a la carte menu, available until August 23, highlights chef de cuisine Chan Choo Kean’s creations using traditional Cantonese and Chinese cooking techniques. During the entire promotion, six exceptional fare are on the menu: Crispy Crystal Beef Rump Sliced with Manuka Honey and Fragrant Sesame Seed, Smoked Tea Beef Short Ribs Served with Pickles and Fried Homemade Bun, Wok-fried Grass-fed Beef Tenderloin with Asparagus in Sichuan Pepper Sauce, Sitr-fried Diced Grass-fed Beef Sirloin with Vegetables and Mushrooms Served in Crispy Golden Cup, and Pan-fried Grass-fed Beef Sirloin Rolled with Enoki Mushrooms in Barbeque Sauce.


For diners seeking Southeast Asian cuisine, Red Ginger’s selection will incorporate regional flavors and spices complementing Australian grass-fed beef. Four a la carte dishes created by the restaurant’s chef de cuisine Sam Kin Hue will be made available during the promotion until July 17, comprising of: Char-grilled Mulwarra Beef Tenderloin Steak (served with Balado sambal sauce, hand-cut potato wedges, and tossed green beans); Beef “Luc Lac” (wok-flamed beef cube roll with watercress and rocket salad); Beef Satay (with Sambal Matah, roasted eggplant, crispy shallots, and steamed Jasmine rice); and Beef Massaman Curry (slow-cooked beef oyster blade in fragrant cashew and spice paste, coconut cream, and steamed Jasmine rice).


Grass-fed beef comes from cows that eat a natural diet of grass throughout its life, compared to the more common grain and supplements-fed cattle. This makes it a healthier protein. Benefits include less overall fat, more heart-friendly Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) to reduce heart disease and cancer risks, more precursors such as Vitamin A and E, as well as cancer-fighting antioxidants compared to grain-fed meat.

For inquiries, patrons can call 800-8080, e-mail, or visit



As one of the city’s trendiest dining hotspots, Nobu Manila offers theworld-famous,well-marbled texture and unparalleled flavor of authentic Kobe beef as part of Nobu’s new style Japanese-Peruviandinner menu.Nobu Manila is one of rare few restaurants in the Philippines,which servesKobe beef with the official certification guaranteeing its authenticity. 


An exclusive selection of a la carte dishes highlights top-grade Kobe beef. Guests can have a taste of Kobe beef prepared as the main ingredient in thecold dishes such as New-Style Sashimi: thinly-sliced Japanese A5 Kobe beef, garlic, ginger, sesame seeds, chives, yuzu soy sauce, seared with hot olive and sesame seed oils; Tataki with Ponzu: lightly-seared thinly sliced Japanese A5 Kobe beef, ponzu sauce, spicy daikon radish, ginger puree, sliced garlic and green onion; Tiradito Nobu-style: thinly-sliced Japanese A5 Kobe beef, cilantro, soy salt, Peruvian chili puree with yuzu and lemon juice; Nigiri: any of the mentioned selection prepared sushi style; and Tartar with Caviar: finely-minced Japanese A5 Kobe beef, wasabi soy sauce, sliced green onion and Ossetra caviar.
An assortment of Kobe beef hot dishes include Toban-yaki: grilled Japanese A5 Kobe beef, caramelized onions, mixed mushrooms, roasted vegetables, yuzu sauce in ceramic roasting dish; Flambe: lightly-seared Japanese A5 Kobe beef on hot stone, flambéed with brandy, served with black pepper teriyaki, butter ponzu and Peruvian anticucho sauces; Ishi-Yaki: sliced raw Japanese A5 Kobe beef, hot stones for cooking, served with truffle teriyaki, wasabi pepper, and Peruvian anticucho sauces; and Ribeye Yakimono: grilled Japanese A5 Kobe beef and roasted vegetables, served with truffle teriyaki, wasabi pepper, and Peruvian anticucho sauces.
Kobe isproduced solely in Kobe City, Hyogo prefecture, Japan. Its unmatchedluxurious flavor and texture produced through a highly meticulousand arduousprocess makes itthe world’s rarest and most sought-aftercattle meat in the world. Kobe beef requires a pure lineage of Tajima-gyu breed cattle born and raised in Hyogo prefecture, whichfeeds on the local water and grass its entire life. It must be a bull or virgin cow, processed in a Hyogo slaughterhouse and must pass a stringent government grading examreaching a minimum BMS (beef marble score) of six or higher. To ensure authenticity, the store or restaurant must carry the certification with the ten-digit identification number determiningwhich particular Tajima-gyu cow it came from.
Nobu Manila is open for dinner from 6:00pm to 10:00pm on Mondays to Thursdays and 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm on Fridays to Sundays. 
For inquiries and reservations, please call + 63 2 800 8080 or e-mail guestservices@cod-manila.comorvisit