• Members must earn points through gaming activities;
  • Required points should be accumulated within 1 trading day; from 6:00 am to 5:59 am.
  • Members have to proceed to the Visitor Information Kiosk to print F&B coupons or to award free points; and, 
  • Members will present the coupon directly to the participating outlet to redeem complimentary F&B; free points will automatically be added to their point balance.



  • Member will be entitled to free item(s) upon earning the required number of points within a day.  Details as below:


Item Daily Redemption Limit Daily Points Earned Criteria Open To
Php 400 F&B Voucher 1 100 All tiers
 Php 600 F&B Voucher 1 300
800 Dream Points 1 600
1,000 Dream Points 1 1,500
2,000 Dream Points 1 3,000
10,000 Dream Points 1 10,000
20,000 Dream Points 1 20,000
50,000 Dream Points 1 50,000
100,000 Dream Points 1 100,000
  • Earning of points must be from gaming activities only and within 1 trading date;
  • Member may redeem all the items in a day, provided that the member reached the daily points earned criteria.  



  • To be eligible, member must be 21 years old and above and is not barred by the casino.
  • To qualify, earning of points should be within a day during the campaign period. Only points earned from gaming activities will be considered.
  • Members must present membership card and a Government issued ID upon redemption.
  • City of Dreams Manila has the right to refuse issuance if deemed necessary.
  • In case of any disputes, management’s decision is final and non-appealable.


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